Welcome to the Missouri Canine Athletic Club!


Molly picked up a leg toward her RATCHX5 with a 1st place and high in the Master class yesterday. She also picked up her Crazy 8s Platinum title and got all 8 rats yesterday with extra bonus points for being under the 2 min. time limit.

That was a fun run!


A big Congratulations to one of our club founders and board member Lynsey Fuegner for passing her Barn Hunt judge exam to become a B level Judge!

Please keep an eye on our Facebook page or Newsletter for updates on our practices.

We are excited to hold our Barn Hunt Practices at Canine Country Kennels. Please see our Facebook page for dates. 

We are currently working on becoming a Scent Work Club.  Please check out our scent work website at St. Louis Scent Work Club.

Daisy got her first ribbon by passing Intro to Quarry in Earthdog. Roxie got double Qs in Master and Senior so she’s 1 more double Q away from her Endurance Earthdog 2.

Balto has 3 qualifying runs this weekend at his first CPE Trial!

Sweet Tea earned her Instinct Barn Hunt title for her 6 month birthday!

Castiel got his last 2 Novice legs! Earning his title as well as a 1st and 2nd place!

Sasuke took to the ring and earned his first 2 legs towards his novice title with a 2nd and a 3rd place.

Abby got 2 Qs, 1st place and HIC in the first trial and 1st place in the second trial. 

SweetiePie got her second Master Q!

Bonnie Blu got a big Q and first place, High in class in Master for the first time!

Kimber got her second Open Leg and high in class.

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